The FDR4ALT project aims at producing two types of products :

  • The Thematic Data Products (TDP) provide parameters that can be directly used for application. They include only the  measurements, corrections and validations flags that are relevant for the given surface. A seamless continuity between the altimetric mission is ensured. There will be 5 types of Thematic Data Products, that are further detailed in the dedicated pages of this website :
    • Ocean & Coastal Topography
    • Ocean Waves
    • Land-Ice
    • Sea-Ice
    • Inland Water
    • Atmospheric
  • The Fundamental Data Records (FDR) consists of a long, harmonised record of sensor observations that are calibrated to physical units and located in time and space, together with ancilliary and instrument data used to calibrate and locate the obervations. For this project, will will produce :
    • Altimetric FDR
    • MWR FDR

Products coverage

The diagrams below display the FDR4ALT future product time coverage for the Fundamental Data Records (FDR) . This is a preliminary version and can evolve along the life of the project.