The Atmosphere Data products are taking into account the improvements made in the frame of the REAPER project, the EMIR project.

Atmosphere Data Products will propose Level 2+ global products with a common product definition associated with up-to-date algorithms. A computation of an uncertainty for each point will be included.

Data Access

A test dataset (two full cycles of ENVISAT data) is available via ftp :

FTP adress
Login :FDR4ALT
Password: Sent separately

Atmospheric TDP is available under /Test Data Set/TDP_ATM/

Please contact to obtain the password.

Official products will be released at the end of the project (March 2023)

NetCDF groups

There are two NetCDF groups (main and expert)

Processing & Algorithms

Note that the Atmospheric TDP takes advantage of all the improvements brought by the MWR FDR (Fundamental Data Records).

Main variables are :

  • Wet Tropospheric Correction from neural network ( CLS solution)
  • Total Column Water Vapour
  • Cloud Liquid Water Path
  • Atmospheric Attenuation from neural network (CLS solution)
  • Uncertainties associated to each measurement