The Sea-Ice Thematic Data Products (TDP) are taking into account the improvements made in the frame of the REAPER project and the ENVISAT reprocessing 3.0.

The Sea-Ice TDP are also taking into account the improvements made at Level 0/Level 1 in the frame of FDR4ALT (ALT FDR).

The Sea-Ice TDP propose products containing sea-ice freeboard and sea-ice thickness with a common product definition. An uncertainty value has been computed for each measurement.

Data Access

Will be available at the end of the project (end of 2022)

Processing & Algorithms

  • Deblurring algorithm on ERS echoes : Theoretical approach based on the methodology detailed in [Peacock,2004]
  • ENVISAT freeboard calibration using a novel neural-network approach
  • ERS freeboard calibration

Improvements compared to existing products

Preliminary results on the ENVISAT freeboard correction show good performances on a testing period (March 2012) :

Cryosat-2 (reference)
ENVISAT (before)
ENVISAT (after)

For the first time, ERS-2, ERS-1 and ENVISAT have been processed in a homogeneous way, allowing to product the first Arctic radar freeboard time series from ERS-1 to Cryosat-2 :

New Arctir radar freeboard time series from ERS-1 (1994 to Cryosat-2 (2021)

People in charge




Bocquet, M., Fleury, S., Piras, F., Rinne, E., Sallila, H., Garnier, F., and Rémy, F.: Arctic sea ice radar freeboard retrieval from ERS-2 using altimetry: Toward sea ice thickness observation from 1995 to 2021, EGUsphere [preprint],, 2022.